Nokia 4G Feature Phone coming soon to Market …!!


Currently, 4G feature phones are increasing in the Indian market and Nokia is also joining the line. Nokia has been launching a 4G feature phone soon after launching its dominance of feature phones in the market. There are already enough rumors for this phone.

The news is that HMD is already planning to launch the Nokia 4G feature phone and the Nokia 4G feature phone will soon be available in the market and will be available in the dual SIM and single SIM options.

In addition, the Nokia 4G feature will be available on the Qwerty Keypad. This is the first step in introducing Qwerty Keypad phones in the market. The previous Nokia E series smartphones have the same keypads.

According to sources, this new Nokia phone is expected to be launched on January 16th. If the phone is on the market, then various phone manufacturers will suffer losses. This is because people already believe in Nokia.

The latest version of Nokia 9 and Nokia 6 is also available in the market. Nokia will launch three new phones for its fans at the beginning of the year.