New Qualcomm 710 Soc Processor Release !! .. what’s new?


The world’s No. 1 mobile chipset maker, Giant Qualcomm, is now in the news. Yes, Qualcomm is in the news, your guess is true. Because we are soon getting the Qualcomm 710 Soc processor of Qualcomm’s multicore artificial intelligence technology!

As announced by Qualcomm Company in February this year, the Snapdragon 710 Soc processor manufacturing process has already been fully developed. This Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 Soc processor of 10nm has been known to bring improvements in all aspects to medium-range devices.

The display, enhanced reality, camera capabilities, 3D gaming, battery life, and many features updates have been improved and the chipset has improved. So, what will the Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor bring about? Learn what changes in the smartphone world are.


Snapdragon 710 Soc !!

The Snapdragon 710 SOC processor is manufactured with less than 660 Snapdragon and Snapdragon 835 and less than 845 processors. So, the Qualcomm Company is said to have produced the Snapdragon 710 SOC processor for medium-range smartphones.

4K HDR playback

The Snapdragon 710 has 4K HDR playback more enhanced for video & Applications. Adding a 4K HDR playback brings more brightness to the Snapdragon 710, extensive color flow and color depth. This will result in enhanced visual quality.


Multicore AI Engine !!

Snapdragon 710 Soc processor will testify that the mobile world is always changing. If the multicore artificial brainstorm engines use the Snapdragon 710 SOC processor, the Snapdragon 660 processor will double the smartphone performance capacity.


Standard photos!

The new Qualcomm spectra capture professional grade quality photos. Captures enhancements with low light photography, noise reduction, fast autofocus, image stabilization, smooth zoom and real-time bokeh effects.


Performance and battery life!

The Snapdragon 710 SOC processor will be powered by a high capacity, long battery life. The new Kroyo built in Cortex TM technology has made it compatible with 25% faster web browsing and 15% faster app release time. Snapdragon will reduce the power consumption by 20% by compared to 660.