Apple’s iOS 12 is rolling out!!. Get ready to update your Apple phones…

Apple’s next major iOS release is that of iOS 12 for iPhone and iPad. Apple’s 81 percent iPhone and iPads are running from iOS 11 on the latest version, as Apple claims. The largest tech company in compare with google with just 6 percent of Android users managing the new OS version It was ridiculous for what was doing.


With a few new features, the user will join the new iOS 12 screen insights feature. It tells us how often the user has used the Device every day and which apps are the most used. This will help the user balance both his life and the phone.

Another important feature of iOS 12 is FaceTime. In this, you can adjust the group’s face time to 32 people. FaceTime You have anemogies and memoirs. And you can also set up your app limits and make use of the iPhone.

Also, users can group notifications based on op and topics in the new iOS 12. The new ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode feature does not give you any notifications in an unwilling way.

CarPlay on iOS 12 also supports third-party apps. So you can get Google Maps. Apple also introduces a voice memo on the iPad via Apple iOS 12.

Developer Priverest of iOS 12 has been launched since June 4 and the Apple Developer Program members are already busy. By the end of this month, the iOS 12 Public Beta program will be launched and will be available to iOS users.

Apple iOS 12 is available as a free software for all ordinary people, and all iPhone users have updated. It will be available for iPhone 5s and the next. The iPad Air, iPad Pro Model, iPad 5th Generation, iPad 6th Generation, iPad Mini 2 and Next and iPod Touch 6th Generation will be upgraded to iOS if it comes to iPad.

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