Google may launching ‘Shopping’ tab in India !!

The news is that Google will soon launch its ‘Shopping’ tab in India soon. It is said that this will be a directive to e-commerce companies and commercial website platforms and to allow users to search for products.

The new tab that Google will introduce will be able to search the products they want, which will bring consumers to e-commerce sites. Google spokesperson responded to the e-mail about the possibility of the release of the tab by the end of the year.

Google’s Shopping Tab will typically help customers find the products they need, making this tab work with local merchants with customers. In addition to large e-commerce companies, Google has set a target of raising small and medium online businesses.

This news is another way viral, and some experts think that Google’s shopping tab will ultimately make Google step in the e-commerce market. It may also be intended to launch the Google Shopping tab looking at Amazon and Flipkart popularity. 

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