Top 10 Best Android Apps January 2019

The Apps are playing the most valuable part of our life. In this article, I am gonna tell you about top 10 best android apps you can install in January. 

1. Lawnchair Launcher

Lawnchair is like a pixel launcher but, it has more customization such as icon packs support, themes, grid size, gestures, backup and restore and other features you find in any typical third-party launcher.

Download Link: Lawnchair Launcher

2. Fluid Navigation Gestures

Fluid Navigations have a bubbly animation brings to the table and it gives you a bit more realistic compared to the android pie gesture navigation bar. Swiping up from the center will jump the phone to the home screen. Swiping up and holding will brings up to recent options. Swiping from the left will go back and swiping from the right will bring down the notifications. Some feature like launching apps buy navigation gesture is only available by purchasing the pro version which cost approx 1.99 US Doller or 100 Indian Rupees.

3. MNML Screen Recorder

You know, there aren’t that many great screen recorder apps for Android. Nowadays, a lot of them have ads are a bit outdated. So it’s kind of a relief to finally find one that is simple, easy to use and records in the best resolution possible. It doesn’t even have ads which should be a plus for a lot of people, a very straightforward app that gets the job done.

Download Link: MNML Screen Recorder

4. PlayJ

PlayJ is a great way to stream your screen with your friends and video chat with them at the same time, the idea is simple. Just make sure that your friend also has the app, add them by texting them a request. Select the app you like to show off and then choose the chat style and hit launch. Once your friend answers the call he or she will be able to see your screen where you can show them your amazing Angry Birds skills or have them help you with a problem that you’re having with your phone.

Download Link: PlayJ (beta)

5. Bottom Quick Settings

bottom quick settings do is move your Quick Settings panel down to the bottom and you can still toggle settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth flash, etc. Sure, there are a few settings I require root access and toggle instantly but everything still works really well.

Download Link: Bottom Quick Settings

6. Just a Line

Just the line is a neat little your experiment by Google. You can make simple drawings in midair by pressing your finger in the middle of the screen and moving the phone around every do you make will stay in the same spot so you can create some amazing videos. You can even draw with another person if you want.

Download Link: Just a Line

7. Iconzy

Iconzy, I found it to be really useful. So if you’re an Android customizer you know the pain of trying to find the best-looking icon within the multiple icon packs that you have on your phone. While Iconzy helps you search through all your install icon packs at the same time to find the perfect icon. It’s basically a universal icon searcher works with whatever launcher you have.

8. SpotOn

For those looking to wake up with some YouTube jam. Check out SpotOn alarm clock for YouTube. It’s a simple alarm clock that will play YouTube playlist and tracks to wake you up in the morning. That’s pretty much all it does, but it’s still very useful since I haven’t seen stock clock do this yet.

Download Link: SpotOn alarm clock for YouTube

9. 1lyric

Speaking of music 1Lyrics is the best app to pull up lyrics to a song that plays on your phone. It supports the majority of music services and a ton of songs you can pull up the lyrics by looking in the notification panel or swiping from the right edge of the screen. You can even download the lyrics for offline use.

Download Link: 1lyrics

10. Edge Screen S9

If you’ve ever used Samsung, you probably know that they have a feature called edge screen which allows you to pull up a multitude of panels with your favorite apps, contacts, weather etc. Well, with Edge Screen S9. You can do the same thing with a few unique panels to choose from. For example, I can have a favorite panel for my favorite apps, contacts, WhatsApp contacts, calculator, soft keys, tools, weather, music player, compass, widgets and more. Plus you can customize the crap out of this app. So give it a shot.

Download Link: Edge Screen S9