All Time Best Netflix And Amazon Prime Series You Can Binge-Watch Now!!!

There are so many series that’s on both Amazon and Netflix so, I am not gonna tell you the most obvious ones. I’ll try to cover what is not on the other best series articles. So let’s start with it.

Altered Carbon

It is one of the best series I ever watched Because it is very well written, they do not drag that much. This series based on the future, At that time some extremely advanced technology happening there no one is dying and some chips store your all data like a memory card. It’s a really good series you will never bore with it. There are two seasons as of now and both are very short and in the first season 10 episodes, in the second season, just 8 episodes are there. You can easily complete it in a day. 


This is the one series that I can easily recommend to anyone. This show is funny in a mysterious way. The story starts when lucifer the lord of hell comes to Los Angles for a holiday. He has some devil face and he grants wishes. It is really good and fun to watch. It has 4 seasons with 65 episodes or something. It is good but second season some boring episodes are their bit still give it try, maybe you will like it.

Link: Lucifer

Iron Fist

This series is pretty good I would say, an only first season not the second one. The story starts with Danny (the iron fist) he returns to NYC after a long time. All of his family believe that he died when he was 10 with his parents in a plane accident. But he has survived the crash and he was raised by monks to be a fearless fighter. No one believes his story and sends him to some freaky mental hospital from there the real story begins. The flashbacks show how he became the iron fist and what is his destiny and all. I would say the first season is nice and goes smoothly. The second season is very slow and as per my taste mah. There are just 13 episodes in the first season you can finish quickly.

Link: Iron Fist

The Good Witch

The good witch series is Funny, Fantasy, Magical, Mysterious, I don’t know how to describe this series. It is a very lovely show I ever watched. Simple nice and clean story. It has five seasons but it will never disappoint you or bore you. Such a nice web series. As I said it has five-season and a total of 53 episodes. If you some 3-4 episodes of this you will understand what I am talking about. I will recommend full 53 episodes and just for your information every episode has a different sub-stories most of that ends in that episode itself some sub-stories are completed in two episodes. Still not curious??😃😃

Link: Good Witch

When it comes to Amazon prime there is not that much series I like. But still some of them I liked very much are

Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon starts with a child called Sheldon cooper he is a bonafide genius because of that he goes to college at age 10. It is a comedy series and very well written. Who all watched the big bang theory they know who is Sheldon. There are three-season and counting when I writing this post there are 62 episodes are released. It is really good. This show will show what is the problems happens with a genius kid.


The story of the series starts with the man named Constantine Master of dark art and magic. His job is to send back bad demons to where they belong. Every episode has a different story and only one season and 13 episodes are there. There is no reason not to watch.

Link: Constantine 

The Originals

In this series, there are Original family of the vampires settles in the new Orlen and they helped to construct the city decades ago. There is some problem that comes and they have to leave the city ( what is that problem and all you will find out when you watch the first season).  When they came back to the new Orlen there are many things changed here. One of the originals wants to take back the city that is built by them. How they reclaim that and some family drama all are the story of the series. It is a good story to watch. It has 5 seasons and a total of  92 episodes. Keep in mind that before watching it. and also it is available in both Netflix and amazon prime.

Link(Amazon): The Originals

Link(Netflix): The Originals

Honorable mentions:

Psych (Amazon prime)
Super Natural (Amazon prime)
Wynonna Earp (Netflix)
Van Helsing (Netflix)

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