Top 5 Best Keyboards for Android

There are a lot of different Android keyboards out there, but which one is the best? There are so many features that it can be hard to decide! If you want to find out what the top 5 best keyboards for Android are, keep reading.



google indic keyboard

Google Keyboard is one of the best keyboards for Android. It’s easy to use and does an excellent job at guessing what word you’re typing text, even if it’s not an English word! The keyboard also has many features like gesture typing that make things easier when you need to type quickly. There are also tons of themes available in the Google Keyboard Store.


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bubble keyboard

Bubble Keyboard is one of my personal favorites. It has many features that are very helpful for typing quickly, like auto-predict text and word correction. Bubble Keyboard also allows you to change the color of individual keys or even make them bigger, so they’re easier to see! The best part about this keyboard is that you can choose different fonts, and also you can make your custom emoji.



Swiftkey keyboard

SwiftKey keyboard is an old relic of past Android days but remains one of the best keyboards for Android users. With Swiftkey, the customization possibilities are infinite. You can adjust many settings and customizations to make your keyboard uniquely yours.


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Gboard Keyboard

Gboard used to be a pretty vanilla keyboard, but with steady feature additions and improvements over the past couple of years, it has made a name for itself as one of the best in its sector. Gboard is an excellent default keyboard because it has accurate word predictions, a smooth glide typing function, some gesture controls for cursor and deletion, Google Assistant integration, and multilingual typing support. As one of the Google apps that continuously improves with new features, Gboard will most likely continue to be your best choice.



Grammarly keyboard

Many of us have Grammarly installed on our PC browser to catch mistakes in our work. The Grammarly Keyboard will give you peace of mind on your phone. You’ll have access to the same features as our desktop grammar app, including over ten dictionaries, plagiarism checks, and more. Grammarly Keyboard is not recommended for people who care about other features like emojis.



We hope this article has helped you make a decision about which keyboard is best for your needs. If not, comment and let us know which one you are using?!