Android Iphone X: Not only look like, specialties also copy …

Hit on any smartphone market but the same type of duplicate phones appear in the market behind one another. Android iPhone X has been marketed in the same manner as the Apple iPhone X, which has a lot of popularity in the same model.
   China-based smartphone manufacturers are in the forefront of these model clown smartphones. China-based Lee is also launching a similar Android smartphone.

Brazilian lace design

The Android smartphone leaked with the S9, the iPhone 5 has full screen display and is designed with a Brazilian lace design. And look at the front of the iPhone as it looks like.

Dual Lens Camera

In addition, Lee also has a dual-lens camera on the S9 smartphone on the iPhone X model. This is the vertical camera design on the iPhone X model.

Lee also has the S9 smartphone special

Not only does the iPhone X look like a specs but Lee’s S9 smartphone is good. The Midiatek P40 Chipset is equipped with 6GB RAM and 128GB Storage on this phone. There is a huge difference in price.It will cost approximately around 20,000 rs.