Top 7 Apps Of The Month – December 2019!!

Welcome back to the best android app in December 2019. As usual, we have one wallpaper app, four other apps, and two games. Let’s check them out.

Stupis Screens

Stupis screens is a wallpaper app. It has some features that make it stand out from the competition. As usual, it allows this that beautiful Vector walls, but on top of that, you can customize the design and the colors of each wall. the app doesn’t show you a list of wallpapers instead of it lets you choose a category and you can switch between each wallpaper in that category. Once you find one that you like you can choose to edit it and download or set it. The app is free to download but there are few premium features thrown in there. For example, two of the wallpaper categories are for premium users only. The first time You can also still download and set those types of walls for free under its point-based system. every time you’re in nature and cities category and switch walls added them or set them the number of coins in your balance begins to decrease. Once you run out of coin you need to pay a one-time fee of $3 the continue to download those same types of wallpapers. And this will also remove the ads. It’s a generous feature since you can try out every Whopper free for a very long time plus most of the categories are already free, to begin with, so give it a try if you want to beautify your home screen.

Download Link: Stupis Screens

Unlock Clock

The first app of the month is unlock clock. It’s an experiment app from Google and it’s a live wallpaper that displays the number of times you unlock your phone every day. So once you unlock it the number increases by 1 and by midnight the number recess back to zero, that’s all it does. You can’t customize or change the data to something else. It’s a simple way to let you know how addicted you are to your device.

Download Link: Unlock Clock

Paper Phone

The paper phone is another app that helps you spend less time on your smartphone. It does this by creating a phone for you that won’t distract you from your everyday tasks or relationships. It basically prints out a paper for you to fold into a book and in this paper phone, you can choose what to include such as favorite contacts some of the tasks that you need to complete, weather info for the day, pictures, a blank spot to write down notes, directions to a specific location and more. They even have a section called a paper app, which allows you to print out cooking recipes, sodoku games, conversion charges, sign language and more. It is a neat idea, the only problem that I have with that is the printing size is A4 size and not standard letter size. So some information will be cut off if you use a letter paper. However, you can still use Adobe Acrobat to scale down the PDF to print it a little better.

Download Link: Paper Phone

Dark Mode

This app has one simple task and that is helping activate the dark mode on a device. the device that doesn’t give you the option to enable it within the system settings. It’s that simple just jump into the app and toggle on night mode and you should have a dark looking UI. Some of your other popular apps will automatically turn dark as well. However, it doesn’t work on every Android because some of the manufacturers have manually disabled the dark theme within their devices, in that case, there’s nothing that the developer can do. still would not hurt to try it.

Download Link: Dark Mode


Here’s a fun one cometin, this is a library filled with tweaks and mods that don’t require root or ADB. For example, you can customize your always-on display to have unique animations when we receive a notification. You can customize what the notification should display, change the look of the clock, and enable gestures.
          There’s a module called better rotation which has the ability to rotate your phone 180 degrees or force any app to switch landscape mode perfect for Instagram. there is a module called ‘caffeine’ that keeps your screen awake for a set amount of time or infinitely. Perfect for when you’re watching a movie at night on your phone but you’re afraid of falling asleep with the display turned on since it will drain your battery life, and you’ll wake up with a dead phone. 
            You can also make your screen even darker than your lowest brightness setting. ‘Hide Heads Up’ is a module that disables pop-up notifications so they only come in silently and a few more modules that I didn’t mention, give it a try all these mods are safe and it supports every Android device running Android 6 and above. 

Download Link: Cometin

Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs

You can now play Angry Birds in the real world. Find the big flat surface and a structure that filled with pigs, this will be placed in front of you as well as the slingshot. Pull back the slingshot and destroy the tower with the birds provided, you can physically walk around the structure, get up close to it, identify different angles for the best accuracy. It’s a lot of fun and angry birds AI even knows when to make the game large or small to fit your space. It’s free to play titles so you will occasionally buy some ads, but you can pay $4 to remove that.

Download Link: Angry Birds AR

Shadow of Death 2

the dark shadow of death 2 is an action-packed platformer game where you need to attack and kill a ton of demons. It’s that simple. As you move on each state gets harder because the enemies get stronger and larger in size. Some levels will even have an adamant boss to defeat even the first boss was incredibly tough to make the hero looks so badass and you’ll be able to customize him with various skins and weapons as you begin to get into the game. The only thing that I didn’t like and I’m not sure if it’s a bug with my device or because the game is still in its early stage, but it has no audio. Once the implement audio, It’ll provide a much better experience.

Download Link: Shadow of Death 2