Why Linux is Better for Developers: All the Reasons

Linux is better for developers. Unfortunately, this is a common misconception that has to be debunked, and it’s not often discussed why Linux is so great for developers. In this article, I’ll cover all the reasons you need to know about why Linux might be an excellent choice of an operating system for your next development project!




This means that Linux tends to be a safer system, so you won’t need any antivirus software, which is a resource hog and can slow your computer down.


It’s also much more secure than windows because there are far fewer security vulnerabilities – that means no viruses or other malware will be able to get through the system as easily!


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One last thing on Linux being safer: it has fewer bugs in its codebase. The bug frequency for Linux is much less than Windows or macOS, which means that there are far fewer crashes and system errors.


Linux provides a large user base to help you debug the system, which is not available on other competing platforms. As well as Linux is an open-source product, so if you find any bug in the system, it can be fixed without any cost and submitted back to developers for review. The developers will prioritize fixing that new bug.



Linux Can Improve Your Work Flow:

One of the most benefits of Linux for developers is its package manager that has been designed to be highly efficient. If you want to install something and use something new, type in sudo apt-get install name of the program, within a couple of seconds or minutes- it will get it, and you are ready to rock. This is something that can be painful to do in other operating systems.


First of all, you need to install a good package manager in macOS or Windows if you want to have a good reliable one, and just doing that can be a difficult task for a beginner. With Linux, it comes pre-installed, you are ready to go, and it has lots of the packages already installed and set up.


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Let’s take an example:

If you want to install Virtualbox on your windows, you have to open any web browser. Then you have to google search and find the right link, and then you have to download it, open the folder where to download it, run the exe file, select the install location, and then click install. After doing all this, you have to restart to change to take effect potentially.


Now let’s say that you want to do the same thing, but in Linux, all you have to do is go to the terminal and type sudo apt install Virtualbox and hit enter. Done; it will be downloaded and installed, ready to use in less than two minutes.


Windows will have many errors to install some program; maybe you downloaded the malware or an old version of it. In addition, some websites have more than 5-10 download buttons; it can be very confusing to download and install. However, compared to Linux, it will always download from a secure source and no security threats to our computer, and also, it is a lot easier to use.


As a developer, we install many things or technologies constantly, Linux makes the process easy and safe as possible.



No Reboot:

As discussed above in the article, the windows would need to reboot for any changes. This is not the case in Linux; you can upgrade the entire OS when running, which is not possible on Mac or a Windows operating system. Linux mainly stands on stability and reliability. As you can see in this article, Linux is used in most servers because of this feature.


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Comes With Powerful Tools:

There are many powerful tools in Linux that come pre-installed like gerp, get, cron, etc. Once you learn how they work, it can improve your workflow immensely. However, it also depends on what type of distros you are using; for example, Kali Linux comes with many hacking tools and network monitoring tools. So it completely depends upon which distro you choose to go with.



Task Automation:

Linux is almost built for automation. Most of the scripts that are used in Linux can be automated to do certain tasks. This is not possible on Windows or macOS as they have no such facility like ‘at’ command exists in Linux, which executes a job at specific time intervals. Many oneliners can be used to complete certain jobs at a time.




No, Linux is not necessarily faster than every other operating system. But it is lightweight, and it is compatible with pretty much any machine you can find. This means that you can very often take that very useless laptop, install Linux on it, all of a sudden breathe new life into that laptop. So a laptop that is impossible to work with before is now all of a sudden working well.

There are more performance benefits of Linux, as the system’s reliability and stability. But I feel this is the most important one that can revive a dead laptop is something really useful.



Useful Error Messages:

It is a bit of an odd one, but in Linux, it gives correct error messages, unlike windows and mac saying “Oops.. something went wrong,” and it is not very useful. So if you search the error message that comes in windows or mac answer will not fix your error. But in Linux, you will get the correct error message with the error codes most of the time. So if you search that error code, you’ll most probably get a solution.



Some reasons why Linux is better for everyone:

– Linux boots up fast.

– It’s free, and you can install it without messing with your Windows or macOS system if the project is developed on another OS. If there are any personal projects that you want to continue using windows outside of development, installing Virtualbox, Vagrant, or Docker will get everything you need for that system.

– Linux has some great tools such as git (Git Bash).

– It’s more secure than Windows because there are fewer vulnerabilities.

– Linux is free.

– It’s easier to learn than Windows or macOS.

– No crapware from a manufacturer that slows your PC down. All the pre-installed utilities are ones you need, and it’s all customizable.

– Faster boot times mean less time spent waiting around for programs to load – this can be very important in development.

– Even if the project is developed on Windows, you can open a terminal and install Linux in seconds without completely changing your system. If it’s for personal use, I recommend installing Virtualbox, Vagrant, or Docker to ensure that all of your essential programs are still available from within the VM!

– Linux is more secure than Windows or macOS because there are far fewer vulnerabilities!




In this article, we have discussed all the reasons why Linux is better for developers. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it, and if there are any other points that I missed out on, please feel free to mention them in the comments below!