How can I test my copywriting skills?

Many people don’t know what copywriting is. That might be because the term “copywriter” has been around for a long time – since before the invention of the printing press. Then, it was used to describe someone who wrote and printed all of an advertisement or product packaging by hand.


Today, though, anyone can use copywriting skills to write anything from a blog post to an email newsletter. The best way to find out if it’s something you’d enjoy is by testing your writing skills on various topics – like this article!



What is copywriting?


You’ve probably heard the term before, but what is copywriting?

Today, copywriters write for websites, email newsletters, social media posts, ads… basically anything that exists to sell a product or service. They do so by writing persuasively – using words and phrases to get their audience interested in what they have to offer and encouraging them to click on a link or buy their product.


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How do I test my copywriting skills?


The best way to find out if copywriting is something you’d enjoy is by testing your writing skills on a variety of topics – like this article:

– Why would someone want to test their copywriting skills?

– How can I test my copywriting skills?

– What are the best ways to test your copywriting skills?

– What’s the first step to becoming a copywriter?

– Is it easy to become a copywriter and start making money writing articles online?


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Who should be reading this?


If you’re interested in becoming a copywriter or just want to test your skills out before applying to work for a company, this article is for you.


What are some examples of companies that need copywriters?


– Any business looking to improve their online marketing – from small-scale bloggers to big companies with major marketing teams.


– Any company looking for someone to write articles or blog posts that will generate more interest in their products, build their online brand and increase sales.


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– Anyone who wants to write copy they can sell as a freelancer.



What are some tips for writing a good copy?


A few important things to keep in mind while writing copy are:


– Keep it short. The majority of people don’t read articles; they just scan them for the information they want – if your first paragraph is too long, you risk losing many readers before you even get to the point.


– Make sure any images go along with your writing. If you’re writing about an article, have a relevant photo next to it – if you don’t, it looks like you haven’t finished the article yet.

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– Keep it simple and concise. No one wants to read walls of text for something that could be said in a few sentences or less.


– Make it funny, exciting, or informative – whatever you think will best get your point across.



How can I get started as a freelance copywriter?


If you’re looking to work as a freelancer, there are many resources online where you can find clients and earn money. Some popular ones are:

– Upwork


– Craigslist



There are also several copywriting books you can read to learn more about the profession and improve your writing skills, like “The Adweek Copywriting Handbook” and “The Web Copywriting Handbook.”

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What are some examples of famous copywriters?


Some famous copywriters include:


– Mad Men creator and ad man extraordinaire Matthew Weiner is also a huge fan of the advertising world.


– The legendary David Ogilvy is considered one of the first men to use ad campaigns to create a brand rather than sell a product.


– Steve Mark and Gary Bencivenga, two direct response copywriters, have been known for pioneering new marketing and sales letters.


– Greg Renker, a direct response copywriter who is best known for his work on the Ginsu knife infomercial.


– Joe Sugarman, another infomercial legend and founder of BluBlocker sunglasses and JS&A Group.


– John E. Kennedy, an advertising genius that first coined the term “Above the fold” and helped launch new products like Life Savers.


– Dan Rosenthal, a direct response copywriter, is known for helping to create the Ginsu knife infomercial and other high-selling pitches.


–  Eugene Schwartz, an advertising genius who wrote “Breakthrough Advertising,” is one of the most powerful selling books of all time.


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– John Caples is the first copywriter to test headlines in newspaper ads to see which performed best.


– Joseph Sugarman, founder of Blu eCigs and JS&A Group – both were products he launched using direct response strategies.



Why should you learn how to write copy?


Copywriters write a lot of the marketing material you see, read and hear – whether it’s an ad on a billboard or an email in your inbox. So learning how to write great copy is something anyone interested in working with words should learn more about.



So if you’re interested in learning how to write great copy, why not give it a try? From writing articles to blogging about products or services – getting some experience and testing your skills is the best way to see if this is something you enjoy. Make sure to check out all the resources available online, like these books. And if you’re looking for some more, this article offers even more tips to test your copywriting skills. Thanks for reading!


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