Top 11 Apps for Android (September 2021)

It’s not enough to identify a problem these days. You have to solve it too! And the best way to do that is with an app. In this article, we’ll show you 11 of the most popular apps in September 2021, so you can find one for whatever situation comes up. Whether you need security, games, or productivity-enhancing features, there’s something here for everyone! So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!





Tilla is a subscription management tool that allows you to track all your subscriptions without any restrictions. Get notified when a bill is due with notification management and control.


Themed Icons


This program will allow you to create shortcuts that change based on your wallpaper colours, just like Android 12. In addition, this software aims to provide “Themed Icons” capabilities in DP2 3 for Android 8 and above devices.


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Subscriptions – Manage your regular expenses


Almost everyone nowadays pays for services regularly. However, you quickly lose track of what you spend when using services like Spotify, Netflix, and Co. This software allows you to enter your present subscriptions and get an overview in minutes.



Copyhat – AI Writing Tool


Whether you want to write a great cover letter, conduct a successful book tour, or advance your career as an entrepreneur, sparkly Copyhat can help. It may assist you in coming up with intriguing questions about any topic, produce better Emails, resolve ethical issues, and write more amusing openers. The choice is yours.


Great Apps Not Available In Play Store


electron – battery health and real capacity info


An electron is a battery app that provides information about the health of your battery, as well as more. The current state of age of the battery’s true capacity is provided by electron. To obtain the real capacity, you must fully charge the battery and open the electron to update it.



Mind Leak – Use Apps Less!


This application will notify you if you continue to use certain applications for a long period. I refer to it as a Mind Leak. The software will flash an image of yourself (or someone else) looking into their phone as a reminder that your mind has leaked. This can help you minimize the amount of time you spend on the apps you don’t need.


Feedly – App of the week


Soosee – Allergy, Vegan, Gluten & Food Scanner


Soosee aids in the detection of words on ingredients lists that you don’t want to consume. It has more than 30 categories for common allergies, a vegan lifestyle, pregnant women, high environmental impact, additives, health, and more! Words you’ve enabled are highlighted right away when your camera is pointed at an ingredient list.


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One Swipe Notes


Taking notes has never been easier. You may take notes and information quickly as possible with a single tap of the app. While recording, you don’t need to worry about any other applications running. It’s like having floating notetaking over your current software. Taking notes is simply a swipe away at any time, whether you’re on the phone or watching Netflix!



eLabels – manage email labels


eLabels is a mobile app that lets you manage your email labels on the move! Gmail emails only are supported. – Make labels (folders) to organize your emails and keep your inbox clean. – Make rules (conditions) to categorize your emails into categories automatically. – Add unread badge widgets from your favourite labels to your home screen. – Search through your emails with instant results by labels, folders, rules, date senders, and recipients.


Apps Of The Month (IOS)


Disable Touch


Have you ever been irritated because of accidental touches on your phone when it’s in your pocket? Have you ever wished to listen to music while walking, even though the phone is in your pocket? Then this app will provide the answers you’re looking for!





Transform ordinary video chats into see-what-I’m-seeing, show-and-tell experiences — all powered by augmented reality. life is more than just video chats. It’s your life, and AR supports it.



What are some of your favourite android apps? Are you looking for new ones to try out in the future? At this point, we hope that our article has given you enough information about how to use these applications and what they can do. If not, don’t hesitate to contact us! What’s your favourite app from the list above?