How To Make Your Domain Name SEO Friendly

Are you planning to buy a domain name for your new blog? If so, you should keep a few things in mind to ensure that you get the best domain name possible.

Choosing the right domain name can have a massive impact on your website’s long-term success. But picking an SEO-friendly domain name doesn’t just happen by chance. Here at Search Engine Journal, we love analyzing data. Our team analyzed 500 million URLs to determine which features make up an SEO-friendly domain name.


What Makes Domain Names SEO Friendly?


This is a common question, and the answer is not straightforward. I’m hoping to shed some light on the subject. If your domain name is used for business or marketing purposes, you must have a domain name that’s easy to spell, use and remember. In other words, it should be easy for visitors to find your website by typing in the domain. It should also be memorable when mentioned over the phone or in conversation. This factor may work against you if you have an innovative brand or product name because it may be challenging to find and use without being attached to your business or product name.

An SEO-friendly domain name can include keywords that relate to the products and services, but it doesn’t necessarily have to contain those exact keywords for people to find your site. Adding extraneous words or phrases unrelated to your business may reduce the likelihood of people finding your website when they’re searching for a specific term.

Domain names that consist of more than three words may be difficult to remember because they are long and awkward. When possible, try using one-word domain names.



Process Of Creating SEO Friendly Domain Names


The process of creating SEO-friendly domain names begins with brainstorming. This is a significant step because it helps you ensure that the domain name is catchy and memorable for your target audience. After that, you can enter the name into the Google search engine to see how many pages are already using that particular name.

TIP: Keep in mind that this process should be done before registering the domain name to avoid any legal issues in the future. After doing this, you can move on to the next step, which is selecting a website building platform.

There are many different options available today. The average price for domain registration and hosting service is about $10 per month. It doesn’t matter what platform you choose as long as it allows you to create a professional website without coding or design skills.

After you have selected your platform, it’s time to start building your site. When choosing your content, make sure that it targets your primary keywords. Also, make sure that it isn’t too similar to other sites on the Internet because it will probably be considered duplicate content by Google.



How To Find A Domain Name Before You Purchase Hosting For Your Domain Name


There are two ways to find a domain name. You can do it yourself or use a domain name search service. If you are only looking for one domain name, there’s no need to purchase a domain name search service because you can do it yourself.
TIP: Use the different keyword variations in your domain when purchasing a domain name. This will help with your SEO efforts when you already own your field and build up traffic.


To choose an SEO friendly domain name you should look at a few factors:

Keyword Friendly: You want your domain name to include words that are high search volume and relevance to your niche. For example, if your website were about home improvement, you would want to ensure that your keyword was in the domain name. Having the keyword in the URL will help search engines understand what your website is all about.

Length & Preference: When choosing a domain name, you also want to ensure it’s not too long or too short. It would be best to shoot for a particular length, but make sure it’s something that you like and is easy for your users to remember. Make sure you don’t end up with some long, complicated URL either because people won’t remember it or they might have trouble typing it out.



What about my existing site? Can I make it SEO-friendly?


Absolutely. There are a few things you can do:

1. Use your keywords as often as possible.

2. Make your site easy to navigate with your keywords in mind.

3. Make sure you have a sitemap.xml on your website so that search engines can easily find all the content on your site.

4. Optimize your images and videos for search engines, following the same tips for optimizing text content.

5. Don’t forget to use a fast, reliable web host that has strong security measures in place, because that will help search engines determine the quality of your website and rank you higher in results!



Keywords in Your Domain Name


The words that you choose to use in your domain name can dramatically impact the search engine rankings of your website. Selecting keywords and phrases relevant to your website’s content is the best way to attract visitors from search engines. If visitors are searching for information about “boating,” they are much more likely to visit a site with the word “boating” in their domain name over a place without it.

Resulting in: Many people will be able to find your website through search engines, and it will give you the opportunity to have targeted traffic visiting your website.





So there, you have a few ideas on how to make your domain name SEO friendly, so search engines know who you are and what your business is about. Make sure to keep your domain name updated with any new content you post so that you do not lose potential visitors.