15 reasons maybe linux is just not for you!

Linux might be an excellent OS for some, but it might not be the right one for you. If you’re looking for a stable and safe OS to run on your computer, then Windows or macOS would be better options. With that in mind, here are 15 reasons Linux is just not for you:


1.) You need a cutting-edge software and app set: Many popular programs use Windows as their base, which means they’ll work on any different version of Windows. Most Linux distros don’t come with them pre-installed, and if they do, they might have too old versions.


2.) You’re really into gaming: Gaming consoles like the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch have been dominating the market. If you’re looking to play games using Linux, then go ahead, but there are just too many limitations that don’t make it worth it. Besides, Linux distros aren’t as powerful as Windows, so the difference in performance is pretty huge.


3.) You don’t know the difference between open source and free software: Linux distros like Ubuntu are entirely free, which is nothing compared to the 400$ we all pay for a new PC or laptop that runs on Windows 10.


4.) You want an OS for better performance: All the rumours about Apple’s MacBook Pro being a good laptop for video editing and gaming are because of the macOS. Linux distros don’t have anything that can compete with macOS or Windows 10 in terms of performance. You might get better performance on Ubuntu, but it’ll be nowhere near what you’d find on a Macbook running macOS High Sierra.


5.) You don’t have time to put in the effort: Linux is so different from Windows or macOS that it’ll take some time getting used to. If you want something that works right out of the box, then go ahead and buy a Windows laptop rather than making your life more difficult by switching to Linux.


6.) You need support: Most Linux distros aren’t as popular as Windows or macOS. If you run into a problem and cannot fix it, then there’s nobody to help you out.


7.) You work with graphic editing software every day: Software like Photoshop and Illustrator will be much harder to use on Linux than they do on either Windows or macOS. On Ubuntu, GIMP is what you’ll find, and although it’s not bad, it won’t be good enough for professional graphic designers.


8.) The market for Linux-based products is very small: Sure, the market might be more significant today than ever before, but there’s still almost nothing that can compete with what we see in Windows or macOS laptops.


9.) You need an app to do a sure thing: There are so many apps on Windows and macOS that you can find one that does just about anything. Most Linux distros don’t have as much software, limiting the number of things you can do.


10.) It’s too complicated to use: All those tutorials you see online about installing drivers and stuff might confuse many people. Even if you manage to set up everything from scratch, there will be a lot of technical mumbo jumbo going on behind the scenes to make it work correctly. That might intimidate some users who aren’t as tech-savvy as others.


11.) You feel like there is no real purpose for Linux: Some Windows or macOS users feel like they can get by without Linux because it doesn’t seem special. They might think the only reason to switch is if you want to show off and be a rebel.


12.) You’re not committed: If you try to install Linux, use it for a few weeks, then go back to Windows or macOS, there’s no point in sticking with this path. You’ve got to stay determined and control your urge to quit!


13.) You don’t want everything that comes with Linux: Some programs come with their settings and tweaks, which allows them to work better for you. It’s possible that most of these programs won’t work on Ubuntu or will have some issues related to how they were programmed.


14.) Games are not the same on Linux as they are on Windows or macOS: Some games have compatibility issues with Ubuntu, which means there’s no way to play them without running into problems. Other games don’t work because it was designed for Windows and Mac OS exclusively.


15.) You’re too lazy for this sh*t: Even if you manage to install Linux, learn how to use its terminal commands, adjust the settings, so your hardware works correctly, and download all the software you need to do everything you want…it’ll still be a pain in the ass. The only people who can handle this hassle are those who know what they’re doing.





If you struggle with any of these tasks, then it’s time to give up on Linux. What’s the point of investing your time into something that doesn’t pay off? You might feel tempted to go against my advice and continue using Linux, but it won’t be worth all the trouble you put yourself through unless you can prove yourself as a skilled and patient user. Give up today and get back to using Windows or macOS if this is true for you!


This topic is highly controversial in the Linux community because such posts are not allowed on /r/linux or other related subreddits; however, this is my opinion. If you are offended, then I sincerely apologize. Peace!